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An ideal home is a dream for many, and you start living there in your imagination even before you build one. A dream home speaks all your choices and your likes. Building a home exactly the way you pictured it is yet another task, but we at Nexa Homes construct what you imagined and make you live your dreams.

With Nexa Homes, all you have to do is sit back and relax while receiving regular updates on your phone and watch your work get done at ease.

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Here are a few of our amazing home designs

Explore our huge range of home designs and house and land packages all over Sydney.
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48 SQ
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Sizes Available:
43 SQ
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39 SQ
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37 SQ
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Sizes Available:
39 SQ
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55 SQ
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Sizes Available:
42 SQ
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33 SQ
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17 SQ
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Explore our range of stylish designs that feature either three or four bedrooms, ensuites and open plan living to serve you now and in the future. All this, without the price tag!

Home designs from the top home builder.

With Nexa Homes, you can bring life to your home by constructing it in a dynamic location. Have a look at our beautiful house designs because you deserve nothing but the finest. Our one-of-a-kind house designs are expressive, appealing, and precious, and you may modify them to your comfort. We cover all the major suburbs like Box Hill, Bella Vista, Leppington,West Hoxton Nsw, Marsden Park, Central cost, Beaumont Hills, Maraylya, Newcastle, Riverstone, Austral, Claremont Meadows and many more. Home Renovation On Bushfire Prone Area.

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Get your home designed for free.

Design your home at no cost because our home designs are absolutely free! When you build with Nexa Homes, you can also customize your home design even without paying a single dollar. Our design experts bring your dream home from concept to design.

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Why build with Nexa Homes

Nexa homes have been building quality homes for Australian families for 20 years and we have already laid our basement of trust very strong in our client’s heart. We promise to create unique and more than convincing designs because your satisfaction is more than important to us.
Over the past decade, we have also earned the reputation of being the best home building company across NSW. We're dedicated to bringing your dream family home to reality, from our vast selection of modern house designs to our lengthy list of luxury home features to our highly trained customer care team; we want to fulfil your needs in every aspect. We have been building dealing with classic to modern and ultra-modern projects. Quality is our priority and we keep it constant in all our projects. 
20 Years of Expertise
Our experience is vast and we have dealt with thousands of clients till date and this is what makes us more professional in our field because we grow with our clients and their requirements.
Value For Money
What counts most, in the end, is if the project is truly worth a large quantity of money. We build incredible homes which will never put you through such questions!
Quality Deliverance
Let it be anything that you buy from your hard-earned money; the first thing you ought to check is its quality because quality isn’t a choice but is a must.
Wide Range of Designs
Why stick to one design forcefully when you have the option to choose over a huge range of designs? Live the freedom; after all, it is your home!
We are the ones who bring a change not only in our construction but also in the manner we deliver information to you. We are the only company that provides a revolutionary app to bring you the latest update daily on the construction of your new home. Now you won’t have to take a half-day or a leave to visit the site to ensure the work gets done.

What's the latest from Nexa Homes

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We are trusted by the people of Sydney to build their Dream Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer? Reach out to our customer support team.
 Why contact Nexa Homes?
When it comes to home building it is always difficult to narrow down the options regarding the location and the design of your home since you are flooded with multiple ideas, but practically adding all of them together may look a bit clumsy.

Nexa Homes is here to answer all of your questions and recommend the finest of the best, and we will walk you through the entire process until your house is ready to move in. We exclusively make use of high-quality materials, demonstrating your faith in us.

You are just a step away from building your dream home! Nexa homes welcomes you to build your efficient, attractive, and high-quality homes.
What options should I consider adding to my home?
One of the most benefits of buying a brand new house is the chance to customize it to meet your lifestyle, design preferences, and preferred color scheme. Most significantly, while building a new home, you should consider how you will live in it and how much additional space you will require. It's easier to increase space while you're planning a home than it is after it's been built. We can assist you in weighing and evaluating your priorities so that you can decide which possibilities to pursue.
How much will it cost to build my home?
Every Nexa home is custom built to the client's exact specifications.

There are four major elements that will influence the cost of building your home, and we can only provide you with a pricing range after we've considered all of them:

1. The size   
2. The complexity of the design
3. The inclusions (basic, standard, or luxury)   
4. The characteristics of the land
How long does it usually take to build a new home?
A new home can take anywhere from 120 to 180 days from purchase to completion on average, however there are times when you can buy a new home with a much shorter delivery period. Building a custom home might take anywhere from 10 to 12 months. For more information depending on your new home criteria, please contact us.
What is meant by the fall of land when building, and how can it affect the cost of my home?
The steepness of your block is referred to as the fall of the land. Flat blocks are less expensive to build on because they require less effort to prepare for construction. Flat blocks are typically constructed on a slab foundation, which is the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective method of construction. 

Moderate and steep blocks are frequently categorized as tough sites, and the preparation required to develop solid foundations will add to the overall cost of your home project. As the slope of the block increases, more work is required to prepare it for building so that stable foundations can be built.

Excavation, retaining walls, and, in some situations, a basement are all part of the process of preparing sloping blocks.  Excavation, retaining walls, and, in some situations, a basement is all part of the process of preparing sloping blocks.  When the slope of the land exceeds a particular degree of steepness, a slab cannot be used, and alternative construction methods are required, which are by their very nature slower and more expensive. As a general rule, the steeper the block, the higher the construction cost.
Will you build on difficult blocks?
Nexa Homes are specialist builders with a vast amount of experience and expertise in building on sloping sites. 

Whether you have architectural house plans or wish to design on a sloping site you would be well placed to speak with us as we specialise in these types of homes. 

While building on challenging blocks tends to be more expensive due to site preparation and construction methods, the end result is stunning, unique residences with versatile floor plans. 

If you'd like to see samples of how we've optimised challenging blocks for other clients, please contact us.
Do you offer assistance with design and colour consultancy?
Our experienced design and colour consultant is available to all clients to assist with all design aspects and colour decisions for their new house.

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