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What is Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment?
Does your property come under the bushfire zone? Don’t worry technology advancements and methodologies have now resulted in the safe construction of homes in bushfire prone areas. The level of risk is the only thing that has to be determined before you build in a bushfire prone area. It is done by the BAL assessment. […]
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Downsizing your home
Are you considering downsizing your house? More isn't necessarily great when it comes to residences. There are several reasons that people choose to downsize — one might need to be pretty close to his\her family members, someone else may perhaps have to consider about their living situation due to an unexpected lifestyle change, and still, […]
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Maximising the space in a narrow lot
A narrow lot does not always imply a smaller lot. In reality, a narrow lot is far more than you could have thought. First of all you can cut down the cost to build a new home. Narrow land parcels offer the potential to accommodate a big family. The only thing that counts is how […]
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Steps to: Knockdown rebuild
Why knock down and rebuild? If you want to live in a new home without sacrificing the location, a knock down rebuild is an ideal alternative. It lets you construct your home in the manner you desire, giving you complete control over your selections. The knockdown rebuilding process consists of a few significant steps outlined below. […]
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The effect of locality on your property
When it comes to building a new home, location is everything. The outside of the property you intend to purchase has a direct influence on your property. Although the atmosphere cannot be controlled or tailored to your specifications, it is still an important consideration to evaluate when purchasing a property. Aesthetic appeal Setting up a […]
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How do you construct a sustainable home?
Constructing a sustainable house involves helping to improve the environment. But it isn't all. Eco-friendly house design may reduce the cost of operating your home by conserving energy, water, and system and appliance maintenance. When it comes to creating a sustainable house, there is a lot to think about, from perspective to construction supplies and […]
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How to build a perfect alfresco?
A polished alfresco area, built with excellent timber and coated to resist weather damage, can add value and appeal to your house while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. You'll be having barbeques every weekend and spending hours upon hours in the warm summer if you have an outdoor kitchen with attractive furnishings. Here […]
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Buying your first home
Without a question, a first house is the most significant purchase you will ever make. It is a long process from having a desire of buying a home and going out to locate the finest builder to make your dream a reality. It may appear to be merely bricks and walls, but it has a […]
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Reasons to choose a custom house builder
There are several distinctions between a project/developer house builder and a bespoke home builder. These days, project house builders often take on customised construction projects. Nexa Homes goes a step above to guarantee that the home is appropriate for your lot. We allow customisation at every node, from the colours to the entire floor design. […]
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Home buying tips for the newbie
Once you have planned the foundation of your new home, you should make the next move strategically. A well planned move will save you thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips to make the next move strategically. Negotiation Don’t step back or move ahead without negotiating with your builder. Negotiation is truly based on […]
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